Sunday, 26 February 2012

Christian Logos

The purpose of a logo is to impress the viewer's mind to create a sense of recognition, familiarity and remembrance. Companies adopt logos and identity marks to achieve a high status of identification, and set themselves apart from the competitors. Successful companies aim to strive towards adopting logos, which are distinctive and unique. Hence, special emphasis should be given to the business of the company for which the logo is being designed.
Similarly, Christian logos need to be formal and conservative and must focus on minimalism. Considering that symbolism is a major element in the Christian religion logo design should aptly symbolize Christianity and its norms and values. The pertinent symbol associated with Christianity is the cross. Other popular Christian logo design symbols are the open bible, white dove and fish.

Elements in Christian Logos:

Christian logos have the following elements in them:

Colors for Christian logos:

Usually sober colors like varying shades of yellow, blue, black and red are used in Christian logos. These colors are used in Christian logo design to signify harmony, peace and faith.

Image for Christian logos:

Imagery within Christian logos is usually similar: popular Christian images such as the cross, a dove or an image of Christ are commonly used to signify peace. Other images used to symbolize spirituality and strong faith in Christian logos are symbols of angels, an open bible, twigs of palm leaves, etc.


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