Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Features of Successful Church Logos

Companies adopt logos to gain unique recognition and familiarity among their customers. However, when it comes to Church Logos or Religious Logos you just don’t have to ponder over the fact of coming up with identifiable logo.

Your church logo should encompass both your beliefs and professionalism. There are certain traditional features and characteristics that make a successful church logo. Few of them are listed below:

Colors of Church Logos: As we all know Church is a holy place of worship, signifying peace, unity and wisdom. These features can be displayed well through harmonious use of colors. Mostly different shades of yellows, whites, blues and reds are used in church logos. Yellow, is the most prominent color in church logs as it signifies sunshine and hope.

Fonts of Church Logos: Usually formal, clean and bold fonts are used for Church Logos so the message easily reaches to the masses. A church logo design should easily communicate what your church believes in and how your church portrays its beliefs.

Symbols of Church Logos: Images within Christian logos is a common trend and an important part. Popular Christian images such as the cross, a dove or an image of Christ are commonly used to signify peace and harmony. Other images used to symbolize spirituality and strong faith in Christian logos are the symbols of angels, an open bible, twigs of palm leaves, etc.

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